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    About My Travel Map

    RoadGoat's My Travel Map app allows you pin all the places you've been on an interactive digital world map. You can pin which countries, US states, or cities and towns that you've been to. To make life easier, we highly recommend syncing your travels with partners. This allows you to automatically generate updates to your travel map over time. Currently, we offer sync with Facebook, Instagram, Garmin, Google Maps, Tripit, Foursquare, Concur, and Fitbit.

    Our Privacy-First Approach

    Our guiding principles about user privacy:
    1. Never sell users' data.
    2. Users have full control over who interacts with their profile. From a registered user's Settings page, a user can elect to share publicly, only among people they follow, or keep their profile completely private.
    3. Discard sensitive data we don't use in our app. We intentionally limit what location data we retrieve and keep from Sync partners. We only save the city you visited. For example, if you posted on Facebook about visiting Cafe Croissant in Paris, France, RoadGoat only saves the fact that you've been to Paris, France (not to Cafe Croissant).

    Our full privacy policy can be read on our Privacy Policy page.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What counts as having visited somewhere?

    This is a controversial topic, but whatever floats your goat! Driving through, eating a meal there, spending a night - that definition is up to you. Personally, we frown upon counting airport layovers though 😅. Perhaps you'll want to see what our readers think."Poll: What counts as having been somewhere?"

    How do you make money?

    Our primary goal is to create a fun platform to help people map where they've been and figure out where to travel next. We make money through travel commissions such as hotels, air reservations, and tours. We never sell users' data, under any means.

    What countries are included / not included in counts of visited countries?

    Only countries recognized sovereign and independent. You can check-in to places such as Puerto Rico or Guadeloupe, but they won’t count towards the number of countries you've visited. Determining the list of countries considered sovereign and independent is a complicated task - we rely on a number of external sources, use our best judgment, and make no political statements with such designations