About RoadGoat

RoadGoat was created on the premise that we all benefit from sharing each other's travel experiences. We hope to bring together those that want to see to see the world, walk our cities, experience other cultures, and relish the beauty of our nature.

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Our Team

Kurosh Hashemi 🐐

Founder, CEO, and Head of Product

Kurosh is passionate about location-based data and internet of things. Before founding RoadGoat, he founded Lumileds's Ultraviolet LED business, acquired by Apollo Management. He holds an MBA from UC Berkeley. Aside from RoadGoat, Kurosh enjoys maps, cooking, and any type of boarding - snow, skate, or surf.

Servando Ramirez 🐐

Front-End Developer

Before Roadgoat, Servando worked as a freelancer in Mexico City. He has used React, Ionic, Node.js, Vue.js, and AngularJS, among others. When he is not coding or studying, he goes to milongas to dance tango, walks through downtown, tries new food or listens to music.

Nick Garcia 🐐

Content Marketing Intern

Nick is our Marketing intern and a current student at Vassar College. Originally from New Jersey, Nick enjoys traveling and is currently studying abroad in London, after living in Copenhagen for four months. When he’s not busy planning his next journey, Nick enjoys going on runs and finding new vegetarian cuisine from various spaces of the globe.

Ishaan Anavkar 🐐

Geospatial Data Intern

Ishaan is a History and International Relations major at the Pennsylvania State University. Growing up as an Indian in Dubai, he grew up admiring travel and indulging in bits of culture. He loves maps, books, and coins, and also enjoys listening to music and playing video games. He loves geography trivia and can name every national capital in the world, along with the state capitals of some countries, and also has about 800 coins from a 110 different countries, ranging from 250 AD to 2020.

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