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What's In A Destination?

A place is so much more than a name. RoadGoat brings a place to life by painting an informed, robust, and inspiring understanding of what a place is all about.
Florence, Italy
Florence, Italy
Alternate names, multiple language support
Editorial Description
Concise, powerful description of what a place is all about
Cover Photo
Hand-picked high-quality image, deliverable in multiple sizes
"Known For" Tags
Up to 23 tags describing what a destination is known for. See the complete list here
Safety Score
Our proprietary safety score addresses a location's crime and geopolitical risk. We crunch data from over 20 sources such as the US State Department to create the safety score for locations around the world.
Our proprietary COVID risk score uniquely measures real-time risk of COVID transmission. Scores exclude closed cases annd are normalized for population.
Budget Score
Average cost of being at the location per day, broken down by lodging, food, and other expenses, as well as adjusted for seasonality.
Getting Around
Walkability Score
Is the destination walker-friendly?
Bikeability Score
Is the destination bicycle-friendly?
Transit Score
Is the destination easy to get around with public transit?
Nearest Airports
When to go
Weather and crowdedness by month
Editorial Features
Hand-picked list of articles from major travel media outlets that destination is mentioned in. Use these links to let users read more about the place they're going.
RoadGoat User Data
Average Rating
Average RoadGoat user rating
Visitors Been
Number of RoadGoat users that have visited a destination
Visitors Want to Go
Number of RoadGoat users that have bookmarked a destination
Marketing Segments
Marketing segmentation of RoadGoat users that visit the destination the most
Repeat Visitors
Percent of users that visit destination multiple times
Continent, State, Region, or City/Town
Latitude and Longitude
Polygon/shapefile for destination's borders
Geographical parents and children
Points of Interest
Crosslink to Foursquare API for the most trusted recommendations for eating, seeing, and doing


Clean, hierarchical, and comprehensive data about:







Cities & Towns



Convert Users into Bookings

Empower users with the context they need to feel confident completing their bookings.
Integrate RoadGoat data on your site with two lines of code.
Experiment with customizing contextual destination information presented to your users. Turbocharge your maps, search, recommendations, marketing, and editorial experiences.
Equip users with the confidence they need to know they're making the right booking decisions that match their needs.

Data Quality over Quantity

RoadGoat's primary focus is delivering the highest quality data. As such, all our data goes through rigorous screening from our travel destination experts and tested data science methodologies. Depending on each destination property type, data is generated by our travel experts, sourced from public and private data sets, generated by users of RoadGoat's vibrant consumer platform , or a combination of the above.
Qualitative Properties
Such as 'known for' tags and photos are individually curated or written by our in-house travel experts.
Quantitative Properties
Such as safety and cost ratings are built from a multitude of sources and rely on our cutting-edge data science to ensure the most accurate, granular, continually updated data available.

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