Hear ye, hear ye! Calling all food and beer lovers - Copenhagen is not only the capital of the happiest country in the world but also home to one of the most epic and experimental breweries in the world!  

Nyhavn 17
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Copenhagen's infamous Mikkeller Brewery started as a gypsy brewery without their own space, collaborating with other breweries for production.  It's founder's goal was to "challenge beer friends with intense new tastes", and that they did - showcasing endless types of beer from Danish licorice to hot chili!  Today, Mikkeller has grown a huge fan following and has become synonymous with quirky Copenhagen. And that's why we recommend enjoying Copenhagen's best food at these locations that also feature Mikkeller beer:

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Warpigs Brewpub

Located in Copenhagen's former Meatpacking District, inside a converted slaughterhouse, Warpigs Brewpub appeals to anyone who enjoys a good IPA to go along with their barbecue. Opened up as a 50/50 partnership with the American brewery, Three Floyds, the concept of Warpigs Brewpub is simple: serve beer brewed on-site, alongside traditional Texan style smokehouse barbecue. Being home to Europe's largest smoker, allowing chefs to smoke up to one ton of meat per day, Warpigs IPA's flows straight from the tank to the tap, offering customers the chance to enjoy Europe's best beer and barbecue. At Warpigs, you will notice a variety of beer on tap that is constantly changing each week, meaning that you will find something worth tasting the first and tenth time you visit! In terms of barbecue, we recommend ordering the Texas Smørrebrød, where you will get to indulge in your choice of three slices of meat, along with slaw and pickles at this one of a kind restaurant!

Ramen to Bíiru Nørrebro

Situated in the melting pot of Copenhagen, Nørrebro is the most culturally diverse neighborhood in all of the city, offering fun and quirky shops, along with its mouthwatering restaurants. Creating an unlikely love story, Japanese ramen and Danish craft beer can be found inside Ramen to Bíiru, where Mikkeller's founder, Mikkel Borg Bjergsø and Japanese restaurant Bento collaborated to create an impeccable concept that brings ramen and beer together. Imported from Japan, customers can order their ramen via a vending machine, as well as sit comfortably on small wooden chairs to fully immerse yourself to feel as though you are sitting right in the heart of Japan. We recommend ordering Shio Ramen, with the original chicken broth, along with a thin sliced of rich and tender pork neck chashu, crispy nori seaweed, and spring onions. Along with your ramen, you must order the Ramen Beer Yuzu, which is a Belgian light ale with brett and yuzu that makes an incredible pairing with your ramen. Noticing the popularity of this first Ramen to Bíiru restaurant, Mikkeller has now opened spots in the neighborhoods Vesterbro, Østerbro, and Frederiksberg!  

Vesterbro Chinese Food

After many years of notoriously being known for its suspicious activities in its red-light district, Vesterbro is now Copenhagen's hippest area, offering independent shops, music venues, as well as a nightlife that is brimming for people of all ages. Pairing with the internationally-renowned chef, Anthony Myint, Vesterbro Chinese Food is Copenhagen's take on the famous San Francisco restaurant, Mission Chinese Food, that takes traditional Chinese food with a flare of modernity. Creating a perfect night out with your friends, Vesterbro Chinese Food is an intimate space, adorned with a Chinese dragon that snakes the ceiling, as well as vibrant and rich colors that match perfectly along with its spicy dishes. We recommend ordering the tasting menu at Vesterbro Chinese Food, as all the dishes at this restaurant are incredible. For our vegan and vegetarian readers, there are limitless options to choose from, making this restaurant a perfect option for all dietary needs. Just to spice your life a bit more, we recommend ordering Vesterbro Chinese Food, a lager that is brewed with green Sichuan peppercorn.


Translating towards a feeling of 'coziness,' Hyggestund is the perfect name for this laid-back, all-day breakfast joint. If you partied way too hard with the Danes the night before, and are missing your regular order at your local American diner, Hyggestund is the place to go. Offering a variety of pastries, waffles, eggs, organic juices, and even spicy fried chicken, Hyggestund makes sure that you will be on your feet for your next night out. Inspired by traditional American diners, Hyggestund is located in Vesterbro at the site of a rococo style building, with the original Mikkeller bar just steps away. For this restaurant, we recommend ordering the Faroese smoked salmon & cream cheese, straight from the scenic Faroe Islands in the Northern Atlantic, avocado filled with spiced hummus for our vegan and vegetarian readers, and you can never go wrong from picking a dish from their Hyggestund Classics. As well as serving up delicious breakfast food, Hyggestund offers Mikkeller beer, such as Beer Geek Breakfast, an oatmeal stout with Dark Horse Coffee so that you can feel alive and amped for your next adventure in Copenhagen!

La Neta

First starting in the Swedish capital, Stockholm, La Neta offers a traditional Mexican taqueria setting, 6,000 miles away from the sunny streets of Mexico City, in the heart of Copenhagen. 'La Neta' roughly translates to 'The Truth,' which brings this restaurant to life, as it has a love for authentic Mexican flavors, including the charred, earthy notes of mezcal. With Latin-American music playing in the background, along with its colorful interior, La Neta takes customers straight to taco-heaven, marking its place as being the best taco joint on this side of the Atlantic! To have an authentic Mexican eating experience within this Scandinavian capital, we recommend ordering the pastor, carnitas, and barbacoa tacos, along with guacamole con totopos (corn chips). Pouring out of 10 taps, be sure to drink Mikkeller's La Sirenita, which offers a crisp and refreshing Mexican style lager with chili and lime. If you just so happen to be in Norrebrø or the Meatpacking District in Vesterbro, be sure to stop by this world-class restaurant to get your Mexican fix!

OK, now 'hop' to it!

If you ever find yourself in Copenhagen, be sure to visit one or all of these amazing eateries and be sure to drink some Mikkeller while you are at it! Copenhagen has endless options of things to do. Whether it be swimming in one of the harbor baths or visiting a Christmas market in colorful Nyhavn, Copenhagen is a fascinating destination for any traveler! Just remember to bring some Mikkeller beer.  So, when will you go?  

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