From Alabama to Wyoming, each state's top restaurant has their own unique fling and flair to delicious food. For all you avid travelers and hungry foodies, it's time to plan a foodie road trip!  

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Saw’s Soul Kitchen

Birmingham, Alabama

Ready for some famous soul food? The famed Saw’s Soul Kitchen of Birmingham, Alabama, serves scrumptious chicken, fries, and burgers drizzled in their addicting white sauce!

Check out these popular menu items: Pork and Greens Bar, Sweet Tea Fried Chicken Sandwich, and Fried Green Tomato BLT.

Moose’s Tooth

Anchorage, Alaska

Find your traditional American taste here at Moose’s Tooth! Serving mouth-watering pizza and beer, Moose’s Tooth prides itself in hand-tossing their delicious pizzas with only the finest ingredients.

Check out these popular pizzas: Santa’s Little Helper, Avalanche, and Spicy Thai Chicken.

Bobby Q

Phoenix, Arizona

With the restaurant name being a pun on barbeque, it’s of no surprise Bobby Q offers the city’s best, savory pork and beef.

Order some of these popular dishes: Baby Back Ribs, Whole Dog Heaven, and Q-Rolls.

The Root Cafe

Little Rock, Arkansas

This quaint, homey cafe has your favorite breakfast and brunch items. Feast upon burgers, salads, and eggs at The Root Cafe.

Some highlighted favorites include Ginger Lemonade, Curry Chicken Salad, and Egg Banh Mi.

Bottega Louie

Los Angeles, California

Ah, The City of Angels. What better way to heighten your experience than to schrumpf down a meal at Bottega Louie? This spacious, bright restaurant offers Italian, baked goods, breakfast, and brunch.

Take home some avocado toast, tartufo pizza, macarons, and chocolate souffle!

Snooze, An A.M Eatery

Denver, Colorado

Praised as a must go-to, Snooze offers a flurry of breakfast items. From pancakes, muffins and creamy eggs, this eatery is a favorite of Denver locals and passersby.

Try out these popular items: Pancake Flight, Benny Duo, and Pineapple Upside Down Pancake.

Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana

New Haven, Connecticut

This busy pizzeria offers large, flavorful pizzas that blow your taste buds away! Combine the Italian taste with wine for that double threat.

Check out some of these customer favorites: Quattro Formaggio Pizza, Fresh Tomato Pie, and birch beer.

Border Cafe

Newark, Delaware

Fried Chicken

Craving Cajun, Creole, Tex-Mex, or some savory vegetarian options? The Border Cafe has got you in the right place with its unique blend of cuisines.

Help yourself with these mouth-watering menu items: Gulf Coast Seafood Enchiladas, Blackened Chicken, Quesadilla, and Mesquite-Grilled Chicken!

Yardbird Southern Table and Bar

Miami, Florida

Pulled pork BBQ

Elevate your experience in Miami with Yardbird Southern Table and Bar’s mix of soul food and traditional American taste. This comfortable, bright restaurant brings forth amazing blends of southern food in one place.

Reserve your table and order Lewellyn’s Fine Fried Chicken, Deviled Eggs, Fried Green Tomato, and Chicken n’ Watermelon n’ Waffles!

Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q

Atlanta, Georgia

Eating Asian Noodles

What’s that smell in the air? It’s probably smoked meats from Atlanta’s famous barbeque place: Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q. Offering traditional American in addition to its mouth-watering barbeque items, this restaurant captures the essence of southern taste.

You won’t regret taking home some of their ribs, pulled pork, chicken fried ribs, or beef brisket

Marukame Udon

Honolulu, Hawaii

This affordable, quick Japanese restaurant provides one of the best noodles in Honolulu. Many travelers love Marukame Udon’s authentic and delicious udon bowls topped with savory seafood and eggs.

Some highly recommended bowls include curry udon with shrimp tempura, nikutam with egg, musubi, and spicy pork bowl.


Boise, Idaho

Fork’s mouth-watering burgers, breakfast, and brunch options earned the locals’ and travelers’ hearts in Boise, Idaho. This eatery offers fulfilling meals that will satiate your hunger!

You won’t regret ordering their Crispy Chicken Sammy, Salted Caramel Bread Pudding, Asparagus Fries, or Tomato Basil Fondue & Grilled Cheese.

Girl and the Goat

Chicago, Illinois

Desiring new American taste, coffee, tea, or baked goods? Come check out Girl and the Goat, a quaint, homey restaurant located in the third largest city in the U.S.  Did we mention they are Goat-themed? ? (loud goat excitement)

Thousands of hungry travelers stop by to order these popular items: Wood Oven Roasted Pig Face, Crisp Braised Pork Shank, Goat Empanadas, and Roasted Cauliflower.

St. Elmo Steak House

Indianapolis, Indiana

Ready for a fancy, flavor-punching experience? St. Elmo Steak House delivers the best steaks in Indianapolis! Although prices range on the higher side, thousands of consumers believe it’s worth the juicy meal.

Chomp on some ribeye, filet mignon, New York strip, or King Crab and Shrimp Linguine.

Zombie Burger and Drink Lab

Des Moines, Iowa

Madison Grill meat boutique and grill is located in Veracruz,Mx. and awesome quality of meat products and excellent service and food in an awesome environment  to share with family and friends a nice dish and a delicious beer.

I join this project to capture the operation process in the 1st anniversary event

Want to know where the biggest, juiciest, craziest burgers are? Come grab a meal at Zombie Burger and Drink Lab! This zombie themed restaurant packs a unique atmosphere for burger foodies.

You won’t regret ordering their Trailer Trash Zombie Burger, Undead Elvis Burger, and Dead Moines Burger.

Doo-Dah Diner

Wichita, Kansas

Trying out the iPhone 7 plus on some food shots!

A family friendly diner that serves breakfast, brunch, and traditional american food, Doo-Dah Diner is the darling of Wichita. Described as having the best and unique food in the area, this place will blow your expectations away.

It’s worth the wait for their must-have Crab Cakes Benedict, Corned Beef Hash, smothered burrito with spicy chorizo, and monkey bread!

The Village Idiot

Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

Ordering Oysters

A gastropub with personality, The Village Idiot delivers a plethora of different plates to fill your hungry stomach. From sandwiches, sliders, cheese plates, and fries, there’s a lot of versatility!

Grab the Village Idiot Cheese Plate, Korean Fried Chicken Sandwich, or Stone Cross Pork Chop for your day.

Acme Oyster House

New Orleans, Louisiana

Fresh oysters

There’s a reason this place is packed! Acme Oyster House is a favorite of thousands of tourists in the French Quarters of New Orleans. Serving seafood, cajun/creole, and even live/raw food, this popular restaurant leaves you with no regrets.

Munch on their famous Chargrilled Oysters, New Orleans Medley, Jambalaya, and raw oysters!

Eventide Oyster Company

Portland, Maine

Low key breakfast place at Jimmy’s Diner in Brooklyn, NY

Craving for fresh seafood? Eventide Oyster Company has their own unique twist for each of their oyster dishes. Don’t miss out on this seafood medley!

Travelers love their brown butter lobster roll, clam bake, fried oysters, and fish sandwiches.

Miss Shirley’s Cafe

Baltimore, Maryland

Seafood Boil

Within the busy streets of Baltimore lies a restaurant that serves breakfast, brunch, and traditional American food. Miss Shirley’s Cafe is an affordable favorite for thousands in the Inner Harbor! These unique dishes will surely satisfy your taste buds.

Start off with Crab Cake & Fried Green Tomato Egg Benedict, Coconut Cream Stuffed French Toast, and Summer Slammer Sandwich.

Neptune Oyster

Boston, Massachusetts

I don’t have a story. Too busy eating bacon.

Near the Paul Revere House, Neptune Oyster itself is its own attraction. With thousands of reviews, this seafood restaurant serves finger-licking dishes of lobsters, clams, and oysters fresh out of the harbor.

Satiate your taste buds with Maine Lobster Roll, Wellfleet Clam Chowder, and North End Cioppino!

Slows Bar BQ

Detroit, Michigan

when things are falling apart, they may actually be falling into place.

It’s of no doubt that barbecue plays an important role in american taste. Slows Bar BQ embodies that traditional american desire for savory, smoked meats.

Grab a beer and chow down on Carolina Style Pulled Pork, Texas Style Beef Brisket, and Baby Back Ribs!

Hell’s Kitchen

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Located in Downtown Minneapolis, Hell’s Kitchen packs a punch with their breakfast, brunch, burgers, and sandwich options. Like its name, this dining place has its own twist to their dishes.

Order a Juicy Lucifer burger, Huevos Rancheros, or a Lemon-Ricotta Hotcake!

Half Shell Oyster House

Gulfport, Mississippi

Grilled beef

With the view opening up to the Gulf of Mexico, Half Shell Oyster House serves fresh seafood that locals and travelers love.

Creamy, saucy, and overall delicious, Oysters Bienville with Orleans Sauce and Grilled Bread, seafood pasta, and sweet potato creme brulee are just a few of this restaurant’s popular dishes!

Pappy’s Smokehouse

St. Louis, Missouri

Value Meal

Can’t get enough of ribs? Pappy’s Smokehouse is the perfect place to grab juicy, tender ribs and other barbecue items.

Loved by thousands who take a visit, start off with slab spare ribs, potato salad, and pulled pork!

The Burger Dive

Billings, Montana


Would you dive into a burger? You probably will at The Burger Dive! Sink your teeth into their juicy burgers, garlic fries and award-winning dishes.

Add Bash Burger, Blackened Sabbath, and Juicy Lucy to your list of favorite burgers.

Plank Seafood Provisions

Omaha, Nebraska

A man is watching the food.

Clams, shrimp, and oysters -- oh my! Come to Old Market in Omaha to chow down on fresh, savory seafood. Plank Seafood Provisions’ cool, clean atmosphere is the perfect place to satisfy your hunger.

Get ready for their New England Clam Chowder, Lobster Roll, or Peel ‘n’ Eat Shrimp!

Bacchanal Buffet

Las Vegas, Nevada

Mussel Appetizer

Feast both your eyes and stomach on an all-you-can-eat buffet in Sin City! Decorated with beautiful aesthetics, carving stations, and glittering dessert, Bacchanal Buffet is the perfect place for a filling, extravagant meal.

Take a look at these popular items: wagyu beef, prime rib, crabs, lobsters, coconut mango mousse, gelato, and Vietnamese coffee dessert

Republic Cafe and Bistro

Manchester, New Hampshire

Serving coffee, tea, and fresh farm to table Mediterranean food, Republic Cafe and Bistro is perfect for a night out with family or friends! With the menu containing a vast array of options, this modern restaurant will surely have several items you'll adore.

Why not try their Turkish chicken, mussels, cold antipasti, or German Chocolate Cake?

Tops Diner

Newark, New Jersey

Looking for the best diner food in New Jersey? Tops Diner covers breakfast, brunch, burgers, desserts, and more!

Affordable and delicious, popular foods at Top diner include buffalo chicken sammy, short rib burger, lobster mac n’ cheese, and confetti cake!


Albuquerque, New Mexico

Pho for Dinner

Boasting of Mexican cuisine, breakfast, brunch and sandwich options, Frontier is a pioneer for your taste buds. This place’s Mexican food is no joke and is loved by thousands.

Grab yourself some savory enchiladas, Carne Adovada, Green Chile Stew, or Posole!


New York, New York

First time using a new BBQ, threw some homemade chicken and lamb marinated kebabs on the barbeque.

Desiring umami-filled ramen and other mouth-watering japanese dishes? Ippudo is the most popular ramen bar in New York City -- and for a good reason too!

Sit at this architecturally aesthetic restaurant and feast on Akamaru Modern, Hirata buns, or Okonomi yaki.

The Pit

Raleigh, North Carolina

Know of any triple threat restaurants to burst your taste buds? The Pit offers barbecue, traditional American, and soul food!

Fill your stomach with these popular menu items: pulled pork, grilled or fried chicken, chopped BBQ turkey, and baby back ribs.

Wurst Bier Hall

Fargo, North Dakota

Chicken Sandwich

What’s not to love about German food with beer? Wurst Bier Hall serves great sausages, pretzels, and more! Simple, yet impactful, this eatery is the perfect place to munch on a variety of sausages.

Check out Smoked Buffalo and Cheddar Sausage, philly cheesesteak sausage, Spaetzle Mac and Cheese, and Bavarian pretzels!

The Eagle

Cincinnati, Ohio

Craving for a mix of traditional American, comfort food, or southern food? The Eagle is a cozy restaurant that will have you coming back for more of its flavorful dishes. Fried chicken, sandwiches, and seafood are just a few of The Eagle’s palettes.

Try the popular chicken and spicy honey, sweet potato crock, blackened shrimp, or the chicken sandwich!

Kitchen No 324

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Boasting options of new American, breakfast and brunch options, Kitchen No 324 is a favorite for a thousand hungry travelers and locals.

Sit in this white, polished restaurant sporting high ceilings for aesthetic pleasure while chowing down on Fried Chicken Pot Pie, Fried Green Tomato Benedict, or Open Faced Toast!

Screen Door

Portland, Oregon

a delicious vegan burger

Enjoy a mix of southern and cajun/creole with breakfast and brunch options at Screen Door. They offer tender, juicy chicken, oysters, waffles, and more!

Check out their Fried Chicken and Waffles, Sweet Potato Waffle, Fried Oysters Benedict, and Lowcountry Shrimp & Grits.

Pat’s King of Steaks

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Spanish Paella

The famed Philly cheesesteaks are of no joke in Philadelphia! Thousands of locals and tourists devour sandwiches and cheesesteaks at Pat’s King of Steaks.

Grab these items while walking around this historic, bustling city: cheesesteak with whiz, roast pork sandwich, and fries.

Los Andes Restaurant

Providence, Rhode Island

This restaurant serves delicious Peruvian and other Latin American cuisines! Loved by two thousand visitors, Los Andes Restaurant delivers both the aesthetics and flavor of a popular eatery.

Sit next to their giant fish tank and under the amazing architecture for Pollo a Los Andes, Paella, and Empanada.

Poogan’s Porch

Charleston, South Carolina

Located in the French Quarter of Charleston, Poogan’s Porch offers a variety of southern and seafood dishes for breakfast and brunch. Decorated inside with a cozy antique touch, this place will shock your taste buds!

Munch on Chef Isaac’s She Crab Soup, Pimiento Cheese Fritters, and Pulled Pork.

Phillips Avenue Diner

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

With a touch of Canadian influence, Phillips Avenue Diner offers breakfast and brunch that packs a punch. Located downtown, this diner overlooks the river running through Sioux Falls.

Help yourself with poutine, Beef Stroganoff, and Tomato Bisque!

Hattie B’s Chicken

Nashville, Tennessee

Smell that chicken frying in the distance? It’s Hattie B’s Chicken restaurant that serves traditional American, southern, and lots of chicken! Sink your teeth into crispy crusts and savory cuts of good fried chicken.

Order these right away: chicken sandwich, chicken thighs, fries, collard greens, and mac n’ cheese!

Franklin Barbeque

Austin, Texas

If you want good old Texan barbeque at the capital of Texas, Franklin Barbeque is the place for you. Large portions of pork, beef, chicken, and sausages -- a haven for meat-lovers!

You won’t regret filling up on satisfying dishes of brisket, pork ribs, banana bourbon pie, and Tipsy Texan pulled pork sandwich.

Red Iguana

Salt Lake City, Utah

Mussel Appetizer

What’s better than good Mexican food? Live music! You read that right -- Red Iguana offers appetizing food and dessert with entertainment.

Grab yourself some Chile relano, Chile Verde Burritos, fried ice cream, and wash them down with cool horchata while listening to fantastic music.

The Farmhouse Tap & Grill

Burlington, Vermont


This versatile restaurant offers burgers, traditional American, seafood, and vegetarian dishes. The Farmhouse Tap & Grill is praised by almost 1300 people for their favorite classics.

Consider getting their Farmhouse Burger, chilled mussels and oysters, and onion ring fries while enjoying the cozy, bright atmosphere!

Lunch or Supper

Richmond, Virginia

Boasting classic southern flavors of Virginia , thousands of visitors are left with mouth-watering desire for more at Lunch or Supper.

Wash down your meal at their cozy bar while you chomp on Scott’s Addiction burgers, fried chicken and waffles, poutine, or Mediterranean omelette!

Pike Place Chowder

Seattle, Washington

Almost 7,000 visitors have set foot in Pike Place Chowder, seeking out the restaurant’s famous seafood and soup dishes. Whether you get their bread bowls or soups in cups, the seafood is fresh and full of flavor!

Come chase after their New England Clam Chowder, Seafood Bisque, and Smoked Salmon Chowder.

Pies & Pints

Charleston, West Virginia

Pies, pizzas, and bars -- a trifold threat for satisfactory dining experience . Pies & Pints, located in downtown Charleston, does not disappoint with their craft pizza and beer.

Chicken Gouda, Gorgonzola and Rosemary pies, steak and mushroom pizzas, and black bean pies are some of the local favorites!

The Old Fashioned

Madison, Wisconsin

Looking for traditional American for breakfast or brunch? The Old Fashioned serves fried dishes, burgers, sandwiches, salads, and more for affordable prices! Near the Wisconsin State Capitol building and Madison’s Children’s Museum, this place provides quick, classic favorites in between touring.

Order a Lazy Susan, Beer Battered Walleye, Prime Rib Sandwich, and a good beer!

Wyoming’s Rib & Chop House

Cheyenne, Wyoming

Serving seafood, steaks, and traditional American foods, Wyoming’s Rib & Chop House offers filling, savory dishes. Burgers, tuna, ribs, sandwiches, salads -- oh, so many options!

Start off with these popular items: Seared Ahi Tuna, bison ribeye, fried green tomato burger, and carrot souffle.

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