RoadGoat is proud to announce a partnership with Facebook to visualize everywhere you've ever traveled on Facebook onto your travel map!

Here's How it Works

RoadGoat is a travel community that lets users check in to, rate, review, bookmark, and get recommendations for travel destinations. When you opt in to syncing travels, we find the nearest city to your facebook activities. Whether it's a photo, video, or text post, if you were tagged in it or you uploaded it, we match that post to the nearest town or city and add it to your RoadGoat map and profile.  In addition to syncing to Facebook, you can opt in to sync with a number of other platforms such as Instagram, Google Maps, FitBit, and more.  And don't worry, your travels are automatically updated every month so that you don't have to update them yourself.

Doesn't Facebook Have a Travel Map?

Not quite. Facebook did introduce a travel map, however as many users have pointed out, it is not very easy to find or use.  As of the time of writing this article, the Facebook travel map is located by going to the user page, clicking "More" from the navigation pane, clicking "Check-ins" from the menu, and then clicking "Visited Cities".  However, we recommend the RoadGoat community as you can also sync data from other sources, use our interactive map to add places, and get suggested destinations to travel to next.

Map Your Facebook Travels

  1. First, you’ll need to create your free RoadGoat profile.
  2. Next, access the RoadGoat Sync feature.
  3. Once you’ve selected Facebook and logged in, RoadGoat virtually “herds” your Facebook history across digital pastures, from one familiar platform to another.  
  4. Fill any other places you may have been with our interactive map.

Note: Facebook limits our integration with your account there to 90 days.  If you haven't visited RoadGoat in 90 days, we won't be able to automatically sync your Facebook travels.

Let it Soak In

Whatever your feelings are about Facebook, you can appreciate your travels as it syncs to and populates your travel map. You might remember your first kayaking trip in Florida or that wonderful latte you had in Paris. RoadGoat will automatically add these locations to your map and profile.

Your Memories in One Place

RoadGoat simplifies and speeds up the process of organizing your most valued travel memories. Soon enough, you’ll be able to solidify your status as an avid social media dude or traveler in general -- without having to shuffle through your data or going through manual input.

Photo by Jon Tyson / Unsplash

Will you become the GOAT of travel?

Share your map and compete with friends to see who is traveling the most.  

Where to Explore Next

When it’s time to plan your next trip, head over to our lists of awesome destinations and figure out which is the best for you.  You can filter by region or characteristics (such as "Foodie") until you find the perfect destination for you.

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