Today, RoadGoat is proud to announce a partnership with SAP Concur.  One of the biggest benefits to this partnership is that you can now beautifully map all your Concur trips - to see instructions, scroll down this guide or jump right to instructions by clicking here.

RoadGoat Partners with SAP Concur to Make Business Travel as Fun as Personal Travel

Today, RoadGoat is proud to announce a partnership with SAP Concur.  What does a travel site full of quirky goats and gamification have to do with Concur Travel, the world's leading business travel platform?  Well, behind every business trip is a human that wants to make the most out of every trip they go on - whether a business trip or not.

Business travelers are no longer interested in staying at the boring chain hotel by the airport.  Instead, they choose interesting neighborhoods to stay where they can walk to nightlife.  They book fun Airbnb's, meet up with friends, and stay over a couple nights to explore the areas they’re in.  And as millennials and gen Z’ers get more involved in business travel, we’re going to see this even more.

And that's why RoadGoat and SAP Concur teamed up to make business travel more engaging, more personal, and more memorable.

About SAP Concur

SAP Concur is the world leader in business travel and expense.  SAP Concur solutions are used by more than 47,000 companies (including 75% of the Fortune 500 companies) and 64,000,000 end users worldwide.  

RoadGoat joins Concur Travel App Center

As part of the new partnership with SAP Concur, RoadGoat joins an ecosystem of admired travel companies that integrate with Concur Travel, such as Airbnb and Lyft on the Concur Travel App Center.  Our listing can be found here:

Why Sync

RoadGoat is an online travel community that brings travel to life.  Here's some of the benefits of connecting your Concur Travel account to RoadGoat:

  • Human Interaction. Find out who in your Facebook, Gmail, or LinkedIn networks is going to be in town when you’re visiting.  So cancel that room service, and go out and reconnect over some happy hour oysters, or whatever else you enjoy
  • Gamification.  RoadGoat writes your life story through the places you’ve been.  And we make it so much easier to do by combining travels from your social media, fitness trackers, email reservations, and pretty much anything else.  When you opt into syncing travels, we find the nearest city to any photos that have locations tagged. Finally, we then add that city to your RoadGoat map and profile. RoadGoat even lets you compete with your co-workers and friends to see who is the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) in travel! And don't stress out, you don't have to update your travels on your own! We'll have them updated automatically every month, so you can travel comfortably.
  • Discovery.  Discover which neighborhoods, towns, and regions match your exact tastes.  Are your looking for an LGBT-friendly neighborhood?  Or perhaps an amazingly charming town to stay the weekend?  We’ve tagged our 4 million destinations for what they’re known for, how safe and affordable they are, and everything else you to need to know when choosing where to go.  How do we do all this?  Partially great insights from our users and partially through our AI which processes the most trusted data, such as hotel prices or guidance from the State Department.

How to Map all Your Concur Travels

  1. First, head to Concur Travel's App Center.  From there, navigate to the listing page for RoadGoat.  
  2. Click the 'Connect' button to start the integration.  You'll be routed to RoadGoat's website.  
  3. If you already have a RoadGoat account, login or confirm the existing account.  If not, create an account (it's free!).  
  4. Once you sign in or register, you'll be taken to a confirmation page saying that you've connected accounts and we'll start pulling your trips into RoadGoat.  Now's a great time to look around and get to know the rest of our site.  Perhaps you want to discover great places to go, or sync additional partners.  Going forward, Roadgoat will automatically populate your profile with any trips you take with Concur, virtually herding travels from one platform to another.
  5. Don't forget to fill any places you may have been outside of your business travel using our interactive map!

Admire Something Other Than Your Mileage Status

Our system will automatically detect the cities you may have missed marking your map the first time around. Within seconds, we can map out your SAP Concur history. Whether it's that incredible pickled herring smørrebrød you had in Copenhagen after that long meeting, or when you stayed around Le Marais, the LGBTQ+ district of Paris, Roadgoat automatically adds these locations to your map and profile. RoadGoat even takes a step above all of this and recommends places you should visit next, depending on your taste and preferences!

Photo by Louis Hansel @shotsoflouis / Unsplash

Your Memories All in One Place

RoadGoat simplifies and speeds up the process of organizing your most valued travel memories. Soon enough, you'll be able to solidify your status as a 'road warrior,' without having to shuffle through your old data or go through manual input!

Photo by Jon Tyson / Unsplash

Will you become the GOAT of travel?

Share your map and compete with friends to see who is traveling the most.

Where to Explore Next

When it's time for you to plan your next trip, whether it be for pleasure, business, or even both, now with RoadGoat, head over to our list of destinations and figure out which is best for you! You can filter by region or characteristics (such as 'hipster,' or 'LGBTQ+') until you find the perfect destination for yourself.