The wonderful city of London attracts millions upon millions of diverse visitors per year.  And why not? Whether it be for the eye-opening majestic Georgian grandeur, instantly recognizable monuments, beautiful gardens of Hyde Park, or rich cosmopolitan culture, London has something for everyone.

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Its fourth-most popular attraction is tucked away in Northern London’s quirky neighborhood of Camden Town. Camden Market’s mesmerizing sights, smells, foods, and finds is something that will more than likely leave your senses with the satiable desire to come crawling back. Follow us as we give you a tour of what to see, eat, and purchase at one of London's largest and most thrilling markets.

Roti House

South Asians make up the largest ethnonational group in London, so it’s no surprise that some of the best food you’ll find in this city reflects that.  If you’re seeking to indulge yourself in the rich colors and aromas of Pakistani food, we suggest heading to Roti House. Located in Camden Lock, the small stand uses locally sourced ingredients to supply its freshly baked tandoori naans with fillings that range from chicken masala to lamb kebab. If you like spice and crunch, we recommend the chicken tandoori, and for our vegetarian readers, the paneer tikka masala does the best job of marrying both spice and cheese.


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🛸🛸BeAm Me Up To ThE mOtHeRsHiP 🛸🛸

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Are you ready for futuristic fashion, rave outfits, festival clothing, and club wear? Follow that bumping rave music until you arrive at Cyberdog: "Born in the 90′s - worn in the future"!  The three-story flagship store is home to a variety of fashion in bright neon colors or dark styles. You'll find yourself among bright lights and huge robot sculptures, as though you fell into Alice in Raveland. Even if you are not one for raves, it is well worth a visit to immerse yourself in all things rave. Looking for a gift? Check out light-up glasses, bright scrunchies, or rave packs for toddlers. There are always gifts to catch your eye at Cyberdog - if not the dancers.

Vintage Planet

Thrift store chic gets thrown around with teenagers and young adults hoping to turn their 80's-heartthrob visions into reality, and Camden Market is a great place to seek it out. The market teems with stalls filled with vintage clothing and outerwear for Generation Z. One store in particular that features the beautiful European vintage Vintage Planet. Located in the Stables Market, Vintage Planet is a thrilling time portal to the '80s and '90s, with its nostalgic pieces and fresh from the closet clothes. Although many Camden Market vintage shops are overpriced, Vintage Planet is budget-friendly and their clothes are stylish and odor-free!


If you aren’t keen on thrift store chic, perhaps Modfather is the store for you. Paying tribute to classic British street style, Modfather sells clothing to keep you stylish and present in the ever-so fashionable city of London. The store is fabulously filled with 1960s memorabilia, old scooters, signed Union Jacks, helmets, and Mod targets, perfect for browsing or for a photo shoot. If you are trying to look for Britain in a clothing shop, it is Modfather!

Maize Blaze

Bursting with Colombian flavors and aromas, Maize Blaze has quickly set the standard for contemporary Colombian cuisine in Camden Market’s dynamic street food scene. Maize Blaze source all of its ingredients from local butchers and organic grocers, making sure its food is memorably vibrant, colorful, and filled with flavor. On top of that, the stand’s decor adds a sensation of stepping right into a Colombian pueblo. Providing vegan, meat, and gluten-free options, Maize Blaze is the perfect stop if you are craving a Latin kick during your journey in Camden Market.

Black Gull Books

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Needing a break from the loud, bustling rhythms of Camden Market?  We suggest losing yourself among the 19th and 20th-century literature at Black Gull Books.  A proper second-hand bookshop, Black Gull Books combines a quaint atmosphere with reasonable prices and an offbeat, eclectic book collection. We especially recommend visiting the rare and collectibles section if you’re looking for something unique.

Camden Tea Company

What is a visit to London without a British cup of tea? Boasting a wide range of tea, Camden Tea Shop provides avid tea fans with a calming space to enjoy themselves. The exceptional customer service alone makes the experience worthwhile! For your next visit, we definitely recommend trying the caramel rooibos.

But wait, there's more...

Camden Market, in quirky, youthful, and vibrant Camden Town is the perfect destination for your next visit to London! Located just 10 minutes North of London by tube, there is no reason why you should skip this vibrant place! If you’re looking for something else to do while in the area, be sure to walk towards Primrose Hill for a view of London's skyline, or visit the London Zoo, just steps away in Regent's Park. Don't forget to buy some rave gear and tea before you leave!