COVID-19 may have put a pause on your next vacation outside the U.S., but did you know that there are still ways to get out and have fun, while limiting your carbon footprint? The great outdoors is calling your name so pack up your tent, connect with nature!

When planning your trip, be sure to pick somewhere within driving distance so that you don't have to rely on planes, trains, or busses.  Keep in mind that some national, state, and local parks, as well as developed campgrounds will be closed.  Below, you'll find a few great resources for finding your next camping or caravanning location:  

Camping and caravan trips are some of the most fun and exciting activities that you can do with your friends and family; however, before you embark on your amazing trip, there are many things you will need to put in place to ensure that the trip goes smoothly as possible. Keep in mind that services will be limited and that you'll want to avoid frequenting local stores.  So you'll need to be a bit more prepared with supplies that you usually are.

Of course, you probably won't be able to pack every single thing that you need, but lucky for you, we have created a list of 8 hacks that will help you not only have a memorable experience but make your next trip the most special yet.

#1 - Use Sage To Repel Insects

Bugs and insects can make any camping trip very annoying; however, you can use sage leaves to repel them. All you need to do is make a bunch or bundle of sage leaves and light it on fire on one end. If you're a bit skeptical of using mother nature's bounty, commercial pest control expert, Russell Betland explains that “the sage will create smoke when it is burned and this smoke will repel and drive away the insects, mosquitoes and other bugs from around your campsite. There aren't any negative effects on humans, so it's completely safe.” Sage is also a great way to cleanse your environment of negative energy, and promotes healing!

Photo by Brittany Colette / Unsplash

#2 - Spread Light With A Bottle And Water

One common problem that many campers face is not having sufficient light in the tent. This can easily be fixed if you have a large bottle, such as a milk carton. You just have to fill it up with water, and use a light source, such as a torchlight and point it at the bottle. This will cause luminescence and you will have more light. Simple! Have restless kids? Create some cool shadow animals to keep them entertained!

This video will teach you some tips on how to illuminate your surroundings.

#3 - Keep Power Sources Off Damp Ground

In the majority of campsites, there are power connections that you can utilize; however, you will need to use your own cables and connectors to use them. You may be tempted to put the cables on the ground, but this is not advised, since the soil may be damp, and might short circuit the cables. To prevent this, use a bucket as a stand. Alternatively, make two holes in a bucket and run the cables through the holes to keep them off the ground.

#4 - Use Single Soap Shavings

While on a camping trip, make sure not to neglect your hygiene. You can use liquid soap, but it may not have enough for everyone. One great solution is to use soap shavings and place them in a couple of containers. This will allow everyone to use the shavings as they need them, and you don't have to share a single soap bar!

#5 - Create Your Own Speakers

It is very simple to create portable speakers. All you need are two plastic cups and a cardboard tube. First, cut holes into two cups (these should be the same size as the diameter of the cardboard tube). Then, place the tube between the cups, and fit the cups on either end of the tube. You should make sure it is a snug fit. After making sure everything is snug, make a slit in the middle of the tube so that you can place your phone or another electronic device in it.

Finally, place your phone or other devices into the slit, and play any music that you'd like! The sound will be much more amplified so that you can enjoy your DIY speaker set up, without having to bring your own speakers on the trip.

#7 - Use LED Lights For Caravan Awnings

Wherever there are closed up spaces, such as annexes and caravan awnings, there will likely be an issue with insufficient light. The main issue with lighting is to find a solution that doesn't take up much space and doesn't waste energy.

Photo by Jordan Madrid / Unsplash

On the road, lowering energy consumption is extremely important. Experts from Direct Appliance Rentals explain that since you will not likely know when you will be able to access a charging port,“One solution is to use LED lights that don't use much energy but provide a lot of light. These lights are very simple to set up and you can buy them in many different colours.”

#8 - Use Floor Tiles

Even if you have a wonderful caravan, if you have any issues with the flooring, you will most likely be uncomfortable. So, think about installing some floor tiles. Many types are quite simple to install.  We suggest finding some that have grooves that make them easy to piece together. You will be much more comfortable and be able to protect yourself from the damp campgrounds.

That's all for now.  Have a great trip!